Spiritual Wellness

First, spiritual wellness does not mean religious. Many people are religious and find a lot of fulfillment and community by belonging to and identifying with a particular religious tradition. Spiritual wellness is more about the feeling of fulfillment and understanding that a person has due to activities which help give meaning to life.

Spiritual wellness is simple. Whatever gives you a sense of meaning is what you can do to increase your spiritual wellness. Many people find meaning in nature through hiking, gardening, or just spending time basking in the sun. Spending time in service to others through volunteering can also provide spiritual fulfillment and a sense of belonging.

We’ve all wondered why we are here and what our purpose is, finding that purpose and meaning can help bolster resilience and help us manage stress. For those who struggle with spiritual wellness, therapy can help find the activities that provide meaning through providing a safe space to explore your identity and to try new things. Therapists can also provide accountability and support to help you push yourself to make changes and increase your wellness.

Published by aliponoga

LMSW, Therapist, animal lover

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