Physical Wellness

What is physical wellness? Exercise? Eating well? Yes.

Physical wellness is also getting to the doctor regularly, taking your medications as prescribed, getting enough sleep, and taking care of your body so that it can continue to work well as you age. For those who struggle with chronic pain or chronic illness, physical wellness can be as simple as having the energy to do things around the house or maintain a job. Physical wellness can also include making decisions about aging in place and end of life as well as ensuring that your family and friends understand and will follow those decisions.

For those who struggle with physical health, therapy can be an additional support to your doctors and other medical staff. Therapy can help with support and coping skills for dealing with chronic pain or other chronic illness as well as help with the emotional toll of chronic illness, pain, and the loss of independence.

For many, having a healthy relationship with your body is difficult. We are bombarded by images and messages about the ‘perfect’ body and although more attention is being paid to accepting the body you have, acceptance is not always easy. However, learning to accept and appreciate your body and take care of it is a step towards having physical wellness. Therapy can help you learn better eating habits through copings skills to help with overeating and more intensive treatments for anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders.

Whatever keeps you from having physical wellness, help is available.

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LMSW, Therapist, animal lover

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